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At ShedMe all our sheds comes with heavy duty flooring. We know that the first thing to rot on a shed, often due to the damp ground and poor air circulation, will be the floor. Once the floor is rotten it is almost impossible to repair, so your shed will lose its rigidity quickly and eventually need replacing. To prevent rot and thus improve the sheds lifespan, we provide a free, rot-resistant, pressure treated floor with every shed. The pressure treatment that is applied to the floorboards will help to protect against mold and rot (see our Dip Vs Tanalised guide for more information). We also provide pressure treated, wooden floor runners across all ranges which helps improve air circulation beneath the shed.

Not only is our flooring rot-resistant, it’s strong too! We use 20mm thick, solid timber floorboards on our classic and security ranges. Our Beast range offers an even stronger alternative that consists of our specially designed 20mm rebated shiplap cladding that can handle heavier loads.

Floor support

We provide wooden bearers and runners, both tanalised to protect from ground damp and rot. The runners are attached to the underside of the floor boards when the shed is fabricated in our workshop. They provide further strength and durability to the flooring. All our sheds comes with the required number, but add more if you need to increase the floor strength when storing exceptionally heavy items. Also, raise the shed up from ground by an extra 2 inches with rot-resistant Tanalised Bearers. Please note: extra runners and bearers can be added to your shed for extra cost.

And remember you get the rot-resistant, heavy duty, Beast Floor on all our sheds!